Sunday Morning Schedule

FLC = Family Life Center
CMC = Children’s Ministry Center
EMC = Education Ministry Center

Grades K-5

At 9:30 and 11:00, St. Phil’s Kids offers Sunday School for Kindergarten through fifth grade students. The same lesson is covered at both hours, but different activities are offered. Children are encouraged to join us for one session and welcomed to join us for both! Our learning labs offer very hands-on, in depth learning. The activities may include cooking, storytelling, games, interactive drama, art, Bible trivia (including game shows!), map work, puppets, computer and video.

9:30 The Tree House Learning Lab Sunday School EMC 7,8,9
11:00 The Tree House Learning Lab Sunday School EMC 7,8,9

Preschool (3-and-4 year olds)

St. Phil’s Kids offers age appropriate lessons, activities, crafts and more for our three and four-year-olds. Sunday School for preschoolers is offered at 9:30.

When a class for this age group is not in session, preschoolers are welcomed and cared for by our nursery staff (CMC).

9:30 Preschool Sunday School CMC room 4

Infants and Toddlers

Childcare is available in our nursery (CMC) during all Worship Services.