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A Season of Change

Just as in your personal life, the life of the church experiences seasons: seasons of growth, seasons of decline, seasons of change and seasons of sameness. I am writing to you today in the midst of a season of change for St. Philip’s. In the coming weeks, we will be working together through two significant changes to our staff as we welcome both a new Director of Student Ministries and a new Director of Children’s Ministries. It is important to note that both Andrew Ingrassia and Sheila Runkle have both decided on their own to pursue other interests.

Andrew came to us shortly after my arrival in August of 2017. As you may know, I had the privilege of knowing and working with Andrew at my previous church. When I came to St. Philip’s, we were in need of a new Director of Student Ministries, and I was excited to be able to introduce Andrew to all of you. Over the last two-and-a-half years, Andrew and his wife, Lyndsay, have endeared themselves to each of us. Andrew’s leadership has brought stability and health to our student ministry, as well as some much needed changes to their meeting space. If you haven’t seen the new youth loft, I encourage you to venture up the stairs in the FLC! In December, Andrew graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and he looks forward to beginning a career where he can utilize his degree. We will all be sad to see Andrew leave his position on staff, but I know you will join me in the exciting anticipation for what is next for him. We have been blessed by his ministry here! Andrew’s last day on staff will be Easter Sunday.

Sheila has served as our Director of Children’s Ministries since March of last year. She and her husband, Jason continue to be beloved members of St. Philip’s, and she has been a tremendous blessing to our children and our staff. Sheila is resigning her position to make time to better care for her family. Jason has been a passionate and committed volunteer for our kids, and their daughter, Kristian, is on nursery staff. The Runkle family plans to continue to be part of the fabric of St. Philip’s, and Sheila looks forward to finding new ways of serving here. Sheila’s last day on staff will be March 15th.

So, what’s next?

Your Board is currently working to form an interview and search team to help fill the Director of Student Ministries position. It is our hope to have this position filled shortly following Andrew’s departure. The team will consist of one or more board members along with parents and youth currently in the program. I, along with Kyren Schultz, will also be part of that team.

The Director of Children’s Ministries position will be filled on March 16th by Jacquelyn Rybcynski, who has graciously agreed to step in on an interim basis. During that time, your leadership will be meeting with parents as we make decisions about a permanent solution. Jacquelyn has been volunteering as a teacher in our children’s Sunday School ministry for the past several months, and she is excited to share her creativity and gifts as a teacher to our kids.

While these changes weren’t by our design, I am continually reminded that God’s hand continues to be at work among us. I am excited to be living into the future that God has for us – one step of faith at a time. God is good!

Information regarding a reception for Sheila and Andrew will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

-Pastor Jason

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