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Are You Ready?

This morning, I began a journey to the Holy Land. For the next nine days, I will be writing about my experiences traveling to and walking in the land that Jesus spent his earthly days. I look forward to sharing pictures, history, and my reflections on what I see and hear.

Every journey requires preparation. For me, that preparation always seems to begin about a day later than it should have. This trip was no exception. I left the office yesterday a few hours early, knowing that when I arrived home, a pile of dirty laundry and a gaping suitcase would be awaiting me. I also needed to locate my passport, get some cash from the ATM, and buy a camera.

Somehow, I made it to DFW on time.

In my bag is an assortment of clothes, a pair of hiking shoes, a travel size Bible, my iPad...and a camera.

I bought a camera because I’ve never been to the Holy Land before, and I wanted to be able to take quality pictures that captured the landscape, the people and the places in a way that would make sharing the experience with you easier and more captivating.

I hope it works.

I’ve never even turned it on.

On the drive to Dallas this morning, I was laughing at myself - traveling with a brand new camera I don’t know how to use, and the way it seems like I just kind of plow through life sometimes as I rush from event to event. I’ve known about this trip for months, but it was yesterday that I bought the camera I always knew I was going to need.

As we journey through Lent, my hope is that each of us is more prepared for the coming of Easter than I was for this trip to the Holy Land. We all need something from this season - maybe it’s just to feel nearer to Jesus, or maybe its some special healing or to be washed clean from your past.

This is precisely what Lent is all about - getting ready for the great adventure of resurrection living. If you’ve been procrastinating, no worries. We’re only in day two of a forty day journey. So get packed. It’s time to get going.