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Breaking the Rules

Last weekend, I had the privilege of playing golf with my ten-year old daughter.

Shes been taking lessons now for about a year, and I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve only managed to take her to a course a couple of times in that time span. Life has been too busy.

She‘s really good on the range.

Actually, she’s too good. She hits straighter than I do. There’s really nothing I can teach her about the technical aspects of the game, so my goal was to teach her how to play.

Mental toughness.


And the rules.

She needs to know the rules.

I had them all catalogued in my mind as we pulled into the parking lot. I was going to teach her etiquette, how to score, and that it’s not appropriate to throw clubs or balls when you miss a shot (just in case she has her father’s temper).

On the first tee box, this all went out the window.

I tee‘d up a ball. I was going to hit first - to show her how it’s done.

I shanked it.

I watched with horror as my first ball of the day flew into the thick brush.

I reached for another ball.

Same result.

I hit three times before I had a playable ball.

I looked at my daughter and said, “Rachel, today is all about having fun.”

She just smiled.

Im pretty sure she already knew the rules.

One day, Jesus was teaching on the Sabbath. The Jewish people have strict rules about not working on this holy day, so when Jesus started talking to a man with an injured hand, the religious leaders took notice. To heal on the sabbath was a direct violation of Sabbath Law.

Jesus healed the man.

”Which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil; to save life or to destroy it?”

Our purpose in life is to give life to those we ar

e with.

Knowing the rules makes you a better golfer, but laughing with your ten-year-old - that makes me better at life.

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