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Brighten Your Light

There are some things I do exclusively out of love for my wife. Hanging light fixtures is one of those. For at least six months, Melissa has been hinting (ok, pleading) at our need for new lighting in the dining room and entryway of our house.

I failed to see the need. The old lights worked fine. When you flipped the switch, they came on. She said they were ugly and dim. I said they were free and adequate.

My attitude changed, however, when I got a new truck a couple weeks ago. I decided it was time for a change. She couldn’t see the need. You can see where this is going. So, last weekend, I spent an entire day standing on a ladder. And for good measure, I didn’t just change two fixtures, but three. They were all on the same circuit, and so it made sense to just extend the effort a few more feet in anticipation of the inevitable.

It is rare that I admit that I am wrong about something.

I was wrong.

We DID need new lights.

Yes, the old ones were free, and they were adequate. The new ones, however, wash the front of our house in so much brilliant illumination that a modest investment has resulted in a major transformation.

And so let me ask you the question that maybe you can see coming: How bright is the light of Christ in your soul? It has been six months now since most of us have gathered in worship as a body. It has been six months since we have sung songs of praise, lifting our voices to the Redeemer of our heart. As your pastor, I am acutely aware of the impact this absence of worshipping in community has had on my own life, and so I cannot help but feel a deep concern for the impact it is having on those whom I love.

I am not suggesting that it is time for everyone to come out of their homes. I am not urging any of you to place yourself at unnecessary risk. I am, however, asking you to take an honest look at the brightness of the spiritual light within you. If you are finding yourself in need of a spiritual makeover, there are several things you can do:

  • Attend worship (if this is right for you). We are gathering on Sunday mornings at 11AM in the FLC for a very casual worship experience. Social distancing and face masks are expected. If in person is not right for you, be sure to join us on-line at 9:30 on Facebook and 11AM on YouTube.

  • Create a sacred space in your home. Crank up the worship music (hymns or praise songs. They both work.). Sing like nobody is listening, except God. I’ve had some of the best moments of worship in the solitude of my office and my car.

  • Find the midweek devotional and do it with your family. It hits your inbox every Wednesday, and it’s worth the 15 minutes it takes to look it over with those you love.

  • Join a small group. It may be virtual, but it’s still community. E-mail Kyren for information on groups taking new members (kyren@stphilipsumc.org)

  • Serve. Help us fill our bins located outside the FLC. All of the food goes to local children and families in need, right here in the Brushy Creek community. And as you drop the food, pause and pray for those who receive it.

Some day, we will all gather again in worship. That will be a very good day. Until then, there is no reason to let the light of Christ that is within you grow dim. Keep your light bright. You need it, and so does our world.

-Pastor Jason

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