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Great Day of Giving

I’m inviting you today to make a difference.

On September 15th, we will be celebrating a Great Day of Giving. It will be a morning of worship and celebration, capped off with a send-off lunch for our missionaries to Hanoi, Rev. Steve and Susan Buchele. It is going to be an exciting day, and yet as we celebrate, St. Philip’s needs your help in meeting a very specific financial goal to ensure that our next quarter of ministry is as successful as the last one has been.

Our summer has seen a sharper than normal decline in contributions, leaving us with dangerously thin operating margins as we head into one of the most critical times of the year. On September 15th, we are believing that we can raise an additional $20,000 to help close our deficit so that ministry can continue to flourish. This is an especially important goal, given that during this time of lean finances, our numbers in nearly every other area of the church continue to climb. As I write this, new rooms are being made ready for our expanding children’s ministry – a necessary expense to make room for explosive growth.

I understand the choices we all must make regarding our giving. As a father of two daughters, it seems that everywhere I turn, someone has their hand out. Melissa and I have prioritized our giving to the church because we believe that this is where God wants us to invest first.

The problems of our world can seem overwhelming. Every day, my prayer list grows as I receive news of people suffering from illness, crises in the home, mass shootings, rising suicide rates, relatives passing away, fires in the Amazon and children separated from parents. As I think about the rising tide of hopelessness in our world, I can’t help but be reminded that while the issues are complex, the answer to so much of the suffering we see is as simple as this promise: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him won’t perish but will have eternal life.” The answer is as simple as a word: Hope.

The change we long for begins here. It begins with the hope we instill in our children and students; with the hope we celebrate as we worship; with the hope we spread as we reach out into our community and world. By giving to Christ’s Church, you become part of the solution. You become part of the hope.

I look forward to celebrating this great Hope with you on September 15th. We will have digital as well as analog methods for supporting our vision – so come with a heart filled with hope and a generous spirit. May God bless you!

-Pastor Jason

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