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Looking Ahead.

When I began blogging weekly, I set out with the intention to accomplish a couple of different things.

The first is to encourage you with stories and scriptures that I hope will brighten your day and make your week a little easier to navigate, while hopefully teaching a little something about living a Christ-centered life.

The second is to keep you updated on things going on in the life of your church that I hope you will be interested to know. Today’s entry, along with last week’s, fit the latter.

I am writing this week to tell you some very exciting news. As you know, St. Philip’s has been enjoying a sustained season of growth these past two years or so. Our worship attendance, children’s ministries and professions of faith have all seen double digit increases in recent months. Our 11:00 chapel service has been at or near capacity now for over a year, and our children’s ministry has moved to a new building this past year to accommodate more babies and toddlers. Even so, just last Sunday, we were cramped for space during the 9:30 children’s Sunday School hour.

To address these exciting growing pains, a new committee has been formed to assess our present and future space needs. To date, the team has met once with the agenda of simply getting to know one another and to share a few hopes and dreams for the future. Among those dreams was to provide a vibrant, safe, and fun environment for children to learn of the love of God, as well as to create more space for our traditional worship services. The team is chaired by Tony Curp, and is simply called the Study Committee. Their purpose is to gather recent attendance data, along with area demographics in order to project future growth and the kind of facilities needed to accommodate those we are seeking to reach. It is the goal of the study committee to develop a proposal for campus improvements that will lead us into a long future of sustained growth in ministry to our diverse and thriving community. Over the next several months, this team will be meeting regularly, dreaming and praying together, and occasionally seeking input from the congregation. Once their work has been completed, a proposal will be brought before the membership for consideration. The work of the study committee will have zero impact on the general operating budget in 2020. It is the desire of the committee to be as open and transparent about the process as possible. Tony and I are more than happy to update you on the team’s progress, and meeting minutes will be made available at the church office.

Again, this is an exciting time to be part of St. Philip’s! We have lived through several changes in recent years, and while change is not always easy, it is the sign of a healthy and thriving ministry seeking to meet the needs of a changing landscape. I invite your prayers for your church, our community and this team in the months ahead. I can’t wait to live into this next chapter with you!

-Pastor Jason

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