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This Sunday!

This Sunday is one you won’t want to miss.

Of course I would say that – as your pastor, I never want you to miss! But this weekend truly is one of those milestone moments for our church.

As many of you know, we are beyond blessed to be sponsors of missionaries Rev. Steve Buchele and his wife, Susanne. Last summer, they returned from an incredible season of ministry in Ghana, where they shepherded university students who will one day become leaders of their developing country. Now, after a year of discerning where God wants them to go next, they are preparing to embark for Hanoi, Vietnam, where Steve will be serving on staff at an English-speaking church in the inner city.

Steve and Susanne remind me that it takes courage to live a life of faith, and their joyful surrender to God’s call on their life serves as an inspiration for me to do the same. At our 11:00 service on Sunday, we will be blessing them and commissioning their efforts as they continue to follow Christ on this exciting new chapter.

I hope you will come and participate in the outpouring of love and encouragement for these two ambassadors of Jesus. Immediately following worship, we will be gathering for a potluck lunch in the Family Life Center, where we will have the opportunity to share our blessings and prayers with the Buchele’s.

But that’s not all! This Sunday, at all of our services, we will also be celebrating the Great Day of Giving that you have hopefully heard or read about by now. As we celebrate what God is doing through Steve and Susanne, we will also be celebrating all that God is doing through St. Philip’s as we come together to fund the mission that God has laid out for us. As we head into the Fall, we have a funding gap that we must fill in order to be faithful to those we have been called to serve. Steve and Susanne are part of that mission. Our children are part of that mission. Our senior adults are part of that mission. Our neighbors are part of that mission.

And so are you. And so is everyone who has received hope and who will receive hope through the message we proclaim and share. Come, make it a great day of giving; of sharing; of hope.

See you Sunday!

-Pastor Jason

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