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What's next at 9:30?

As you may be aware, changes have been occurring at our 9:30 Contemporary Worship service. On Palm Sunday, it was announced that Beth Morrison, who has been faithfully leading our worship band at 9:30 for more than two decades, is taking a new position on staff as our Coordinator of Instrumental Worship Arts and Media. In this new role, Beth will be coordinating instrumental ensembles at our chapel services, with a special emphasis on our 8:15 Traditional service. You can look forward to brass, wind and string ensembles beginning this summer. In addition, Beth is also overseeing our audio visual team in all venues.

If you are interested in being trained in running sound and visual components of our worship services, please contact Beth at her new e-mail address: beth@stphilipsumc.org. We are so grateful for the variety of gifts that Beth brings to us, and for her years of sharing her heart and passion with us all!

As a result of this staffing change, our worship band at 9:30 is currently being led by Steve Brown. If you have attended worship at 9:30 over the past year or so, you will recognize Steve as a regular contributor to our worship team. We are incredibly grateful for Steve’s leadership and willingness to step into this role during this brief time of transition. I am constantly amazed by God’s gracious provision for us, as it seems that we always have the right people at the right moments in time to fill gaps and take us to the next step on our journey together!

So, what’s next?

At this time, our Board had formed a search team that is actively seeking applicants for a worship leader to take our contemporary worship service into the next phase of development. As of today, we have received three resumes, and interviews are being scheduled for later this month. It is our hope that by the end of the summer, a permanent worship leader will be in place at 9:30.

This is an exciting time at St. Philip’s! Step by step, God is leading us into the next chapter of our ministry together. New faces continue to appear. New leaders continue to step forward. Fresh energy and new ideas are surfacing every day. The practice of “being church” is an exercise in adaptability, patience, and an openness to the movement of the Spirit among us. I’m so glad to be on this grand adventure with you, and I can’t wait to see what happens next! Please be in prayer for our search team as they discern God’s best for St. Philip’s, for our worship teams, and for our staff as we continue to serve God with you.

I’ll see you Sunday!


Pastor Jason

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